Bargain Toiletries bag 2063
Bargain Toiletries bag 2063

Bargain Toiletries bag 2063

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For whatever reason a bag ends up in this category, we’ll tell you. Whether it’s a prototype, the last few bags before we change something about the design, put in on hiatus, retire a style, or maybe even a small human error that most people would never notice, but we do...we’ll be sure to tell you the reason before you purchase. It will NOT be because a bag doesn’t function properly. We promise.

At 8” wide x 13” tall with a 3” gusset, this one is a prototype on our new bag that ended up a little too tall. It fits 3-4 hair products easily depending upon their size. Handy for inside your weekender bag.

This one is fuschia on the body and purple tweed on the bottom.  Maybe the oversized height will prove perfect to contain your tall toiletries.   





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