Bargain Tote 2220
Bargain Tote 2220

Bargain Tote 2220

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Sometimes we have bags with small flaws that don't meet our high standard.  Sometimes we make happens from time to time.  We also prototype bag styles and not all do we go with.  And sometimes we just want to clean house and clear-out.  None of the bags we post do not function.  We'll highlight any flaw to bring it to your attention so you know what you're purchasing.  This is our DEALS section and mostly, what you get here is a great bargain.

15" x 15", 2 rolled handles, 1 inside pocket with full- width zipper closure. Usually with emblems or made of uber gorgeous designer linen and fabric.  Great for toting all the extras in life  NOW WITH A FULL ZIPPER ACROSS THE TOP & EXTRA XBODY STRAP

This one we made a small boo-boo when cutting and instead of a 9” fabric part, it was cut at 7”.  Other than that, this bag is gorge!  Almost looks like a new style of bag, somewhere between a GirlBag & our OG tote



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