Limited Edition Tote 2102
Limited Edition Tote 2102

Limited Edition Tote 2102

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Sometimes we get just enough of a really gorgeous fabric that we can make more than one, but certainly, only a limited quantity of bags. And when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Vegans avert your eyes. This tote is linen and leather. We are first, zero-waste designers and we were donated a skid of leather. Though we mainly deal in vegan leather, we couldn’t landfill it.
At 13”w x 14”t with a 4” gusset, leather handles, snap, side tabs, two int pkts, this  LE Tote is understated gorgeousness in a bag. 

This one is a light green colour in linen with dark olivey brown leather handles. Note:  linen is a natural fibre and wrinkling is normal. 



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