ZipTote 2113 GC
ZipTote 2113 GC

ZipTote 2113 GC

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We rolled all the bags into this one:  laptop, commuter diaper bag and basic schlepper of all things.
With two handles and a detachable, adjustable, cross-body strap, this bag is a great carry all. It's 12 1/2" tall and 13 1/2" wide, with a 4 1/2-3/4" gusset that extends for wider things like laptops. Easily fits a 14" laptop, has been known to carry a 15". This pocket-plenty tote has 4 interior pkts with 2 extra, end, water bottle pkts and as well, the accent fabric on the front also doubles as 2 more pockets.
As always, Echoes bags are made of sturdy vegan leather with a hit of designer accent fabric to make them a personal statement for you and all that you carry.

This one is black vegan leather with designer salt ‘n pepper upholstery weight accent fabric which doubles as two pockets. 



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