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About Us

Upcycled Eco Accessories for Planet-Lovers

In an effort to be good stewards of the resources the good earth provides and to influence society’s thinking that you can make a difference with the choices you make, Echoes in the Attic was born.

The eco-concept of our small business is to re-fashion, re-design and re-purpose everything we get our hands on. We divert landfill bound, excess textiles by the ton, from designers and post manufacturing to create Echoes signature line of Canadian, handmade, upcycled, vegan leather, small-batch, zero waste eco-bags.

Each handmade item we make has an amazing mojo. People feel it.  We're all about second chances.  From cast-off fabric, after their purpose has been served, remnants of loveliness are rescued and given a whole new life; we breathe new life into the lowly, discarded…not that different from life and people really.
We regularly rescue tons (literally 500 lbs/2 weeks) of excess, landfill-bound fabrics, refashioning and re-offering them back to consumers as gorgeous, re-purposeful designs such as our signature, original, cross-body flatbags, slingbags, handbags and totes.  We then pass on our leftovers to local artists, craftspeople or it is recycled through one of our donor factories.

Thanks to our forward thinking eco-donors who pass on their end bolts & samples, in other words potential landfill, we’re able to create gorgeous, environmentally sustainable accessories.

The vision that textiles do not belong in landfills has even garnered us the title of ‘Canadian Originals’ by CTV NATIONAL NEWS. We’ve also been profiled in many magazines and newspapers, but our favorite is an article in Canadian Home and Country Magazine called “LIVING THE DREAM”.
We think we are!

To date…Echoes has rescued and upcycled 140 TONS of diverted designer textiles and vegan leather and counting…

Our on-line store policy, we don't do refunds unless there is something faulty with the bag that we missed.  We hope you understand. 


Laura Langevin – Founder, Zero Waste Designer



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